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Year: 2021

Minimum pension age on the up!

24 Dec 2021

Increase intended to align with the raising of the State Pension age One of the less publicised pension changes being planned is the raising […]

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Planning for the road ahead

20 Dec 2021

Gen Z’s caring nature supporting both themselves and loved ones Younger generations deserve much more credit for planning ahead and beginning to think about […]

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What do your retirement plans look like?

17 Dec 2021

Pandemic sparks a surge in over-50s seeking professional financial advice The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has sparked a surge in people over 50 seeking professional […]

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Is freedom today hurting freedom tomorrow?

13 Dec 2021

Tax-free cash allowances putting some retirements at risk A new study has identified that Britain’s future pensioners are putting their retirement future at risk […]

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New vision for older workers needed, retain, retrain, recruit

10 Dec 2021

Age discrimination impacts job prospects of three million over-50s A total of 2.99 million recent job seekers over 50 (52%) believe their age has […]

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Significant impact on retirement prospects and planning

6 Dec 2021

£5.3 billion lost from over-50s’ retirement pots throughout the course of the pandemic Over-50s workers in the UK could have a £5.3 billion hole […]

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Post-lockdown boost to financial wellbeing fades

3 Dec 2021

Continuing impact on people’s physical health and financial wellbeing The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had, and will continue to have, a major impact on […]

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Investing with impact

29 Nov 2021

How ESG creates long-term value It’s no secret that the growth of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments in recent years has been fundamental. […]

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