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Year: 2019

State pensioners

9 Dec 2019

Inflation-busting increase to weekly payments on the horizon In October this year, those receiving the State Pension are likely to find out that their […]

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Health fears

6 Dec 2019

Barrier to employment and retention of older workers Older workers are an invaluable component of the UK workforce, given their extensive industry knowledge and […]

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‘No, thanks’ to downsizing

4 Dec 2019

More baby boomers plan to stay in their own home A growing number of ageing baby boomers are saying, ‘No, thanks’ to downsizing, choosing […]

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A long life needs a smart retirement plan

2 Dec 2019

Reaching the big 50 can be a financial wake-up call Your 50s are a crunch time when saving for your retirement. If you’ve already […]

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Every journey starts with a destination

29 Nov 2019

Looking at the bigger picture for your wealth and security Every plan starts with a goal, just like every journey starts with a destination. […]

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Time to update your planned retirement date?

27 Nov 2019

Savers risk missing out on money from their final pension pot Millions of savers risk missing out on money from their final pension pot […]

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‘Sleepwalking’ into retirement

25 Nov 2019

How much will you need to save to afford a comfortable retirement? There is a widespread and common-sense-based perception, backed to some extent by […]

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Tax-efficient shelters

22 Nov 2019

Use your ISA allowance or lose it forever Even though the Individual Savings Account (ISA) deadline may be a number of months away, and […]

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